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Patch Application & Care

Helping you get the most from StyleHypeUK patches.

Applying your patch

- Do not apply straight before or after a shower/bath, give at least a minimum of 1 hour either way.

- Wash your hands!

- Clean the area with alcohol swabs.

- Make sure the area is fully dry before applying.

- If using skin tac wipes, apply this to the area you wish to place your device/patch.

- With both the Libre and Dexcom patches, remove the centre section first and place snug around the device, once you are happy with the position, you can then remove the other 2 sections and smooth out.

*Some of the Dexcom patches in stock have a slightly different backing, but once they have all sold out, it will only be the new backing design.

- The Omnipod patch has 4 sections, so peel any one of these sections off first to position, then peel each of the other sections off and smooth out.

Patch Care

- If the sensor and patch get wet, then dab dry.

- Do not touch the adhesive when applying and avoid touching it when being worn, as this could affect the wear time.

- If the edge does start to lift and doesn't seem to want to stick back down, either re-stick it down with a skin tac wipe or very carefully trim it.

- Do not wear underwater for long periods of time.

- Do not apply any creams/lotions to or near the device area before or after applying, as this may cause the patch to lift.

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